About Omotesando Hills

“Omotesando Hills” has been completed on February 11th, 2006 as the reconstruction of the Dojunkai Aoyama Apartment complex, which was a renowned landmark of Omotesando for many decades. Its facade extends approx. 250m, i.e. a quarter of the length of the internationally famous Omotesando Boulevard, which links the Omotesando subway station to the Meiji Jingu shrine. The complex with six stories above the ground and six underground stories has a total floor area of 34,061m², features a commercial section boasting approx. 100 shops and restaurants, a residential section with 38 residential units and a car parking with a capacity of 196 vehicles.


〜A medium that provides human links and generates collaboration of diverse expression〜

Omotesando Hills is the unique cultural / commercial complex, emerging as the new face of Omotesando, which has disseminated various trends as the hub of Japanese fashion and cultures. The six-level atrium (3 stories above the ground and 3 underground stories) at the heart of the main building is complemented with the 700m “Spiral Slope” ramp (“the second Omotesando”) spiraling around the atrium space in a gradient roughly the equal to that of Omotesando. At the center of the atrium space is a grand stairway (from first basement to third basement), leading to a 548m² multi-purpose space on the third basement.
The exterior wall carries a 250m long LED display called “Bright-Up Wall”. Also featured across the complex are moving projectors, ultra-directional speakers, other cutting-edge devices and technologies that enable diverse presentations of light, visuals and sound. These creative spaces are combined with “selective” stores mainly positioned along the Spiral Slope, MEDIA SHIP.*1 , involved corporations, participating artists, and trend-conscious people who gather at Omotesando Hills, to evolve the complex into a new facility with unparalleled presentation capacity. It is the venue for various cultural, artistic, and environmental events and continues to generate the latest news. It also revitalizes the area and strengthens communication with the local community through its cooperation in events and community activities held in the city, Omotesando.

*1 For information about the corporate promotion media “MEDIA SHIP.” please refer to the Overview of MEDIA SHIP.