At the exhibition this time <the church of lights> is full size. Discussion of Architecture With Tadao Ando Vol. 3​ ​

Discussion of Architecture​ ​Architectural story vol.3

"I got all the gall bladder, duodenum, pancreas and spleen," he said,
A remarkable remark -.

"The gall bladder, the bile duct, the duodenum, the pancreas and the spleen have all taken up," a remarkable remark -.


Even so, Mr. Ando, ​​running up a pedestrian bridge from taking a picture, or going a little faster than the camera. My head falls as I am very healthy and vibrant I do not think that I am 75 years old. As I asked, "a gall bladder and the bile duct, the duodenum, the pancreas and the spleen all have taken up," a surprising comment ----.

Gall bladder and duodenum, pancreas and spleen,
I took all of it (Ando)

Gall bladder and duodenum, pancreas and spleen,
I took all of it (Ando)

---- Did you do such a major operation?

Tadao Ando:​ ​In 2009 and 2014. It seems unnecessary for humans who have no internal organs on the earth right now (laugh). But I am fine. Three years have passed, but there is nothing to be a pain at least once.

---- Well ... ... Is it okay! What is that part doing?

Tadao Ando:​ ​Oh yeah, it does not exist (laugh). Although I take three medicines, I drink it, but that's it.

---- Did you not have any fear in the major surgery so far?

Tadao Ando:​ ​There was a dialogue on the night before surgery, then at the party until 9 o'clock. So I did an operation for 12 hours from 8 o'clock in the next morning. It will be unique (lol)? After all the illness is something of mind. Today I am going back to Osaka from now but working tomorrow is okay, the day after tomorrow is also from Tokyo since the morning. Meeting at the National Art Center, coverage and coverage.

---- I talked about the National Art Center. From September 27, the solo exhibition "Tadao Ando - Challenge -" will be on sale for the tenth anniversary of the opening.

Tadao Ando:​ ​As a goal of the library, I hope that 150 thousand people will come during the period until December 18 th. To achieve that, in order to accomplish it, I experienced when I was excited about Mr. Tange's Kagawa prefectural office building and the national Yoyogi arena like the one I was impressed when I saw Donjun-kai apartment You have to do it. I have to do boldly for that, so I am doing my best now. The exhibition houses 100 houses. Then I will make <Church of the Light> with full size concrete.

---- actual size! That name architecture is reproduced exactly as it is. Where are you building?

Tadao Ando:​ ​Building law will be built in the outdoor exhibition ground in the form of expansion. <Church of the Light> was established in 1989, but since it is a church in the first place, consideration for believers and others, etc., I can not readily visit. If so, build it. Originally I thought that it would be nice to have light and wind come in from the slit of that cross, but I did not realize, I put the glass in. But I will do what I will build without glass. What I first imagined is realized for the first time.

Photo Association Photography: Matsuoka Mitsuo

---- Also in the solo exhibition at "TOTO Gallery · Between" in 2008, the full size exhibition of <Sumiyoshi no Nagaya> became a hot topic. Although it was partly concrete placement over there, this time we will step down further and reproduce everything.

Tadao Ando:​ ​Yes, I think experiencing the whole space, I think that what I receive is totally different. Well, how about 150,000 people ....... I also received about 40 interviews with magazines and newspapers, saying that I do not try this hard. "Why did you become an architect?" Asked the same thing, "I answered it a while ago" "That is not it, please do it again! Ha ha ha!

---- ... ... It is cold sweat for the side that covers. <National Art Center> is written by Kisho Kurokawa in later years. This time, Kurokawa architecture and Ando architecture will co-star.

Tadao Ando:​ ​From me, Kurokawa is a great teacher. Mr. Kurokawa who made his debut in his twenties in the 1960s and led metabolism, it was wonderful. I saw that person 's face on the cover of a magazine and I fell in love to make a wonderful person who looked cool. <National Art Center> I think that it is a very good work among Mr. Kurokawa's works. There is no other art museum that has been left behind so much. I am glad that it is going to be an exhibition there.

---- Thank you very much!

Tadao Ando:​ ​Oh, the driver, this is fine. Thank you. Do you want to catch the bullet train ...? You will make it. I'll be going. Also!

Tadao Ando Profile

Born in Osaka in 1941.Taught himself architecture, and established Tadao Ando Architect & Associates in 1969. He continues to propose concepts for architecture connected to the environment. His representative works include "Rokko Housing", the "Church of the Light", the "Pulitzer Art Foundation", and "Chichu Art Museum". He has been a guest lecturer at Yale, Columbia, and Harvard universities. He became a University of Tokyo professor in 1997, an emeritus professor in 2003, and a distinguished professor in 2005. His books include "Talking Architecture" and "A Succession of Defeats".

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10 th anniversary of the opening of the National Art Center, Tadao Ando Exhibition - Challenge -

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - December 18 (Monday)
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10: 00 ~ 18: 00※ Friday and Saturday until 20:00 / Sep 30 (Sat), October 1 (Sunday) until 22: 00 / Admission until 30 minutes before closing

10: 00 ~ 18: 00
※ Friday and Saturday until 20:00
※ September 30 (Sat), October 1 (Sun) until 22: 00
※ Admission until 30 minutes before closing

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National Art Center, Tokyo

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