Featured art director Shun Ishizuka talks Thoughts in the autumn 2020 visual "New here"

Fall 2020 visual"New here"Thoughts put into


Many of you may have been surprised to see the autumn 2020 visual "New here" at OMOTESANDO HILLS. Characters that look like graffiti or calligraphy (decorative handwriting) on the vague outlines of people who overlap lightly. The more you remember the flow of advertising visuals at OMOTESANDO HILLS, the more you will be surprised. It is a challenging design that takes you away from the mainstream, clear and easy-to-read typography and steps into a new world.

What is this? how is it going? The reaction to this visual, which casts uncertain and elusive things, is what we want to say to the world that has been forced to change in 2020.

This visual was shot in the city of Omotesando with Shun Ishizuka, who is active mainly in graphic design, as an art director and with artist Kei Murata.
The production method, the thoughts I put into it, what it says (!), Etc ... I talked to Mr. Ishizuka a lot.


Shun Ishizuka
graphic designer. Majored in film studies at Waseda University and has been freelance since 2014.
In collaboration with writers, he works on performing arts, contemporary art, music, fashion, and other fields such as advertising art, binding, display design, and video production.

---- Compared to the visuals of OMOTESANDO HILLS so far, you get the impression that it is more abstract and sharp. I was a little surprised when I saw it.

Ishizuka:Yes, I often passed this (laughs). For example, if you put the title in roman type where women and men are clearly visible, it will be firmly fixed, and the recipient will surely feel at ease. But it wasn't such an offer.

---- In this visual, Mr. Murata, an artist, was in charge of photography, and Mr. Ishizuka was in charge of graphics and general direction.

Ishizuka:Yeah. Neither I nor Murata had much experience in fashion shooting in their careers. But that's why it's interesting. For example, if I could work on such a challenging visual, I had the option of using something other than ordinary clothes. However, in the so-called fashion photography format, I dared to work under the same conditions as before, and then tried to cause something like deviation or dislocation.

---- It's a mysterious photo that blends people and landscapes. How was it made?

Ishizuka:It looks like a photo composite, but it's different. By placing a strip-type mirror in front of the camera lens, we use a technique that allows two people at a distance to appear crossed on the screen. This is Murata-kun's unique expression method. This time, I took pictures at the intersection of Omotesando and on the roof of a building near the hills.

Shooting scenery. There is a distance between the two models, but a special mirror makes them overlap in the photo.

---- The "Aoyama St. Grace Cathedral" on the left side of the background reminds me of a foreign country for a moment.

Ishizuka:この街に尖塔があるなんて、なかなか思わないですよね。これが入ることで、場所がどこなのかがブレるので、いいなと思って。今回のビジュアルが(情報がスッと入ってくるような)スタンダードな広告的表現から少し外れているように、風景にも "いわゆる表参道" だけじゃない揺らぎを持たせています。

---- What do you want the viewer to feel in this visual?

Ishizuka:今の状況下、変わっていく人と人の身体的距離だったり、"離れざるを得ないもの" があると思います。そして、ここは商業施設だから来てもらわなきゃならないけど、大々的に「来て」とも言えない。そういうどうしようもなくもどかしいものを、"離れたものが重なる" このイメージに定着できたらと思いました。

---- What is the white part of the graphic written on?

Ishizuka:You can't read it (laughs). It says "New here" which is a copy.

同じタイトル文字をふたつ、地面を始点にして上方へと引き伸ばしてズラしています。それだけでは不恰好なふたつをダブらせ、低いものと高いものがあることで縦のラインが背景のスカイラインと同期して心地が良い。"重なり合うもの" というコンセプトを意識させる狙いがあります。自粛期間中に感じた時間の伸縮するような感覚を反映していたり、強引なデジタル処理による意図せぬ歪みをあえて残していたり、このタイトル文字だけでもいろいろな読み解きができると思います。

This typography series has been developed in various ways over the past year or so, like graffiti, calligraphy, cursive, digital, analog ... It is an initiative that is being made.

---- Please tell us about the title "New here".

Ishizuka:タイトルは皆で話し合って決めました。ギル・スコット・ヘロンというミュージシャンの「I'm New Here」(ここに来たのは初めてさ)いう曲があるんですが、そこから「New Here はどうですか」と村田くんが。そこでNewとHereをくっつけてワンワードにすることで、「Where」のように場所性を意識させる言葉にしました。

---- So what would you translate the new word "New here"?

Ishizuka:英語としてそのまま訳すと "ここじゃ新人 " なんでしょうけど......"新しい+場所"、 "新しく+ここに"、のような。ビジュアルと同様に、この言葉にも複数の意味が重なっています。

---- なるほど。今私たちが立っている "ここ" は、これまでとはだいぶ様子が変わっていますもんね。

Ishizuka:There are situations where you can't just think about consumption, or you can't say "come here". This is an advertising visual, but it doesn't show blind approval. In a sense, it can be said to be an objective perspective on the present. I don't think this photo is simply positive, and I don't think the letters are very elegant.

---- What do you think of the place called "OMOTESANDO HILLS"?

Ishizuka:建物が垂直に伸びるのではなく、すごく長い距離を水平に伸びていきますよね。そう言えば、「じゃあ表参道ヒルズ前で待ち合わせね」ってあまりならないじゃないですか。それは、一応エントランスっていう "点" はあるけど、やっぱり街に溶け込むように "面" で伸びていく建物だからだと思う。しかもショップが上じゃなくて下方向に広がっているのが面白い。他にない構造的要件が、直接この施設の魅力に繋がっていると思います。

---- Then, what kind of place is the city of Omotesando for Mr. Ishizuka?

Ishizuka:As a person from the suburbs of Tokyo, you first go to Takeshita Street when you are in junior high school. So when I became a high school student, I arrived at Ura-Harajuku for my generation. When I became a college student, I made my debut in Omotesando. I'm nervous ... I can't buy it (laughs).

---- I really understand.

Ishizuka:個人的なイメージですが、竹下通り→裏原宿→表参道、みたいに進んでいく "ダンジョン感" があって。でも、ファッションを追いかけて表参道へ抜け出ると、そこにあるのはファッションだけじゃなかった、っていうのがすごく面白いと思うんです。ブランドが運営するギャラリーもあるし、ショップの中にもモダンクラフトが並んでいたり、高級ブランド店には有名建築も沢山ある。ファッションがファッションだけで成り立っていないというか。

---- It feels like fashion is exuding into cultures in other fields.

Ishizuka:So, for example, even people who don't buy clothes can walk around the city around their favorite places. I think that everyone is creating their own Omotesando by curating (editing) and routing various aspects of the city and brand from their favorite angles. In addition, food culture and postwar history including the Olympics have also entered. I find it fascinating to be a city with multiple layers of context.

---- The charm of the city is linked to the existence of "OMOTESANDO HILLS". It's a highly fashionable commercial facility, but there are not only fashion but also galleries and gourmet food.

Ishizuka:ええ。だからこそ今回のような......いわゆる "ファッション広告" とはまた違う、ビジュアルを発信できるのかもしれないですね。

---- What kind of expression are you aiming for in the future?

Ishizuka:I want to create something that is more ambiguous than just one perspective. High and low, fashion and art, going back and forth between the past and the future. By doing so, I can intuitively appeal to a wide range of people and at the same time cause deep reading ... I hope I can prepare such various approaches for what I make.

Sentence = Mika Kosugi
Photographed by Yuki Maeda






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