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OMOTESANDO HILLS irritating menu

"Ue hot stimulation M EN U "evolved and appeared!
Not to mention the peppers of the royal road, such as the popular Shibire-like yams, flowers, curries, jalapenos, ginger, etc.
A variety of menus will appear, with a variety of hot spots.
In season when the heat gets into full swing, you can only taste it at this time. EN Please enjoy a lot of "U".
OMOTESANDO HILLS Limited20 meals a day only
Shibire Noodles
Candle shop

Chilled cop noodles set with chicken
1,300 yen (tax included)

It is a cold noodles that the shop attracted by the world of "Shibire" proposes while testing spice inside and outside the country. It is a dish with a heartwarming score and a bowl of miso soup made with miso soup on a custom-made noodle (thin noodle) from Mikawaya noodles.
※ It is rice service until lunch time (~ 15:00)

OMOTESANDO HILLS Main Building 3Ftime:11: 00 ~ LO 22: 00(Sunday to LO 21:00)

OMOTESANDO HILLS Limited 10 meals a day only
bar a vin
bar à vin PARTAGER

Grilled Wagyu beef with chili pepper sauce
2,300 yen (tax included)

Grilled Wagyu beef served with chili peppers, topped with a source of oysters that can not be beaten. There is no doubt that it is an appetizing dish.

OMOTESANDO HILLS Main Building 3Ftime:17:00 to LO 22:00(Sunday to LO 21:00)

OMOTESANDO HILLS Limited 10 meals a day only

Mabuki bone noodles
1,620 yen (tax included)

Pork back ribs (bone meat on the upper side of the abara bone) were simmered gently and gently with spices such as pepper and yam, and the soup was combined with thick noodles in the crunchy Asakusa flowering tower. Please take it along with the noodles while removing the stuffed meat.

OMOTESANDO HILLS Main Building 3Ftime:11: 00 ~ LO 22: 00(Sunday to LO 21:00)※ We remove 15:30-17:30

OMOTESANDO HILLS Limited 20 meals a day only
37 Roast Beef
37 Roast Beef

Homemade beef stew with miso and pumpkinSpicy curry rice
Red pepper cheese crackers andTruffle top with egg
1,620 yen (tax included)

Curry udon-style pasta where simmered beef and pumpkin are added to Linguine and spicy such as curry powder and cumin are added. The finish is served with red pepper cheese crackers and hot spring eggs with truffles, and you can enjoy the mellowness and richness.

OMOTESANDO HILLS Main Building 3Ftime:11: 00 ~ LO 15: 00


Octopus ragout sauceHomemade spicy tagliatelle
1,620 yen (tax included)

Homemade Tagliatelle, a mixture of simmered octopus ragout sauce and hot red pepper, is a spicy pasta where you can enjoy the aroma of pepper. The texture is also pleasing with the addition of hot red pepper and chickpea crispy bread with accents.

OMOTESANDO HILLS Main Building 3Ftime:11: 00 ~ LO 22: 00(Sunday to LO 21:00)

OMOTESANDO HILLS Limited 5 meals a day
Cafe & wine
Spätzle CAFE & WINE

Angus beef steakMango salsa sauce
3,240 yen (tax included)

An excellent menu with plenty of 200g Angus beef steak served with delicious mango salsa sauce. The accompanying lemon-scented chili potato is perfect for beer.

OMOTESANDO HILLS Main Building B3Ftime:11: 00 ~ LO 22: 00(Sunday to LO 21:00)※ There may be times when it is crowded at lunch time.

OMOTESANDO HILLS Limited 20 meals a day only

Spicy soy milk noodle with eggplant and bitter gourd
1,620 yen (tax included)

Topped with summer vegetables such as bitter gourd and eggplant for gluten-free noodles using sweet potato vermicelli. The soup is a healthy noodle based on soy milk and combining the hot taste of Korean pepper and chili oil.
※ small bowl, salad, with miso soup

OMOTESANDO HILLS Main Building 3Ftime:11:00 to LO 15:30

Cosmetics kitchen
Cosme Kitchen Adaptation

Spicy vegan fish taco
1,598 yen (tax included)

Topped with additive-free flower tortillas, soy protein-rich fish-like fried fish, carefully selected vegetables, rich white sesame tahini sauce, vegan cottage cheese and more. It is an original vegan taco with lime and pakuchi which can not be removed in Mexican cuisine.
※ hotness can be selected by mild or hot

OMOTESANDO HILLS Main Building B2Ftime:11: 00 ~ LO 22: 00(Sunday to LO 21:00)


Red Hot Chili Fish Burger
1,600 yen (tax included)

Every year the popular Red Hot Chili Burger series comes with fish this year. Juicy salmon fry, thick chopped jalapeno, fresh tomato and green pepper salsa, and Thai Sriracha sauce are added to deliver a slightly Asian taste.

OMOTESANDO HILLS Main Building 3Ftime:11: 00 ~ LO 22: 00(Sunday to LO 21:00)

OMOTESANDO HILLS Limited 20 cups limited to 1 day
Wine Shop
Enoteca & Bar

Ginger spicy cocktailSauvignon Blanc Ginger
1,080 yen (tax included)

A dry white wine in the Bordeaux region, with a crisp and refreshing flavor of lemon and other citrus fruits and a distinctive spicy taste of ginger.

OMOTESANDO HILLS Main Building 3Ftime:11: 00 ~ LO 21: 30(Sunday to LO 20:30)

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