“CLANE” 8th anniversary. Ena Matsumoto talks about “things that change, things that don’t change”

Ena Matsumoto speaks“Things that change,Those that do not change"


“CLANE”, directed by Ena Matsumoto, celebrates its 8th anniversary this year. OMOTESANDO HILLS store, which opened in 2016 as the first store, was renovated in September of this year. Therefore, we asked Mr. Matsumoto himself about his thoughts on renewing the store at this timing and his future prospects.


Ena Matsumoto / CLANE Representative Director and Creative Director

CLANE 's things that change and things that don't change.

---- How do you feel now that the brand has celebrated its 8th anniversary?

The three years since the brand's 5th anniversary have flown by, and it feels like it's already been 8 years. We are now where we are today, having overcome various situations, including the hardships it took for the brand to get off the ground and major changes such as the coronavirus. Thanks to all of you, the number of customers has increased, the team has matured, and I am happy that we are now entering our 8th year in very good condition.

---- Why did you decide to renovate the store at the time of your 8th anniversary?

Most importantly, I wanted to create a comfortable space for our customers to spend time in, so I had been thinking about renovating it for several years, including the aging of the space, and was looking for the right timing to do so.
Although the brand hasn't changed, I wanted to create a store with an interior that fits my current mood as I've gotten older and experienced more. We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in a few years, so we decided that now was the time, considering the company's size and condition.

---- Please tell us about the details of the renovated store.

By changing from the traditional edgy white-based store to one that uses natural materials such as wood and hemp as accents and accents with stone in nuanced colors, we expressed depth, warmth, and feminine softness. As the brand has gotten older, I wanted to incorporate not only fashionable elements but also a natural atmosphere. I feel comfortable and it suits me right now.

---- Will CLANE brand change as well?

The content and essence remain the same. This is also the reason why I started the brand, but until now, as producers get older, their clothes change, and as a result of those changes, customers who have loved the brand for a long time have said, ``One day this brand will disappear.'' I've been worried about this, and I've seen people leave, so I think it's better for brands not to age.

CLANEの洋服づくりにはいつも商品の向こう側にはお客様がいて、着心地はもちろん、その人あっての洋服として心地よくフィットしてくれるモノづくりを目指しています。また、商品のクオリティに関しての追求も販売規模や商品数が増えた今も変わらず続けています。 "CLANEらしさ"を大切に、長く愛用してもらえるお洋服作りという気持ちは今までもこれからもずっと変わりません。

However, I think it is important to have a comfortable fit that is in line with the times. Whether it's PR or sales strategies, I want to take on new challenges so that customers can always have fun and have a comfortable shopping experience, so I'm constantly taking on challenges and changes in these areas. .

The theme for this season (23AW) is "-New Romantic Modern-". Developed with a world view that combines classic mood and sweetness with standard items

OMOTESANDO HILLS is a place where you can go back to your roots.

---- What kind of place is Omotesando to you?

My image of Omotesando is a wonderful town with luxurious and elegant people walking around. The flow of time also seems a little slow. One of the first stores we opened after the brand's launch was in OMOTESANDO HILLS, so it's a very important place where we can go back to our beginnings and be with the brand as it grows. Among CLANE 's stores, OMOTESANDO HILLS store is a comfortable place where you can relax and interact with clothes, and we would like to continue to make it a place where we can continue to build relationships with our customers.

---- While you value the physical location of your store, you have recently been putting a lot of effort into spreading the word on YouTube.

I don't make much on YouTube, and by posting the real, real parts of myself, I hope to serve as an entry point for people who don't know about CLANE or me. I also want people to get a feel for the atmosphere and the content, which is difficult to convey through photos, so I try to focus on various things, such as me and other staff, the brand's manufacturing, etc. I'm doing it. I would be happy if people not only liked me, but also the company, the employees who work there, and the clothes.

---- Busy days with work and raising children. Please let me know how to refresh yourself under such circumstances and if you have any secrets to maintaining your beauty.

No matter how busy I am with housework or work, I try to get enough sleep and never let stress and fatigue build up. I don't think the word "stress" really speaks to me, but my way of refreshing myself is to immediately relieve the fatigue of the day with a massage, and spend time with friends, family, and children on the weekends. As a result, although I often work at full capacity even on weekends, I am able to enjoy my work and childcare.

---- Lastly, Mr. Matsumoto, please tell us about your future prospects.

I'm able to work and do what I love, and I'm enjoying raising my children. I feel a sense of fulfillment and fun in this new stage that I didn't have when I was in my early 20s, and I want to continue to do my best. Now, eight years have passed since the brand was launched, and I believe that the brand is supported by many customers. We value our customers who are always with us, and we would like to continue to think about creating clothes that will make them happy and have fun and excitement together so that many people can pick up CLANE products. I am. Please look forward to.

  • Composition = Takeshi Koh
  • Photographed by Masaki Fujimura






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