"LÝFT GÝM" Edward Kato “Added value unique to OMOTESANDO HILLS gym”

Edward KatoOMOTESANDO HILLS Gym”Unique added value


“LÝFT GÝM” opened on the third basement floor OMOTESANDO HILLS in May 2023. The approximately 400 square meter space is decorated in silver and has over 50 types of training machines carefully selected from all over the world, and you can also enjoy fresh protein smoothies. The representative is Edward Kato, who is a leader in the fitness world in Japan. We asked him about the background and thoughts behind creating a gym in Omotesando.


Edward Kato/“LÝFT” Founder and CEO
Born in 1992. He is one of Japan's top male fitness influencers and a leading expert in physique, a sport where people compete for the beauty of the balance of their well-trained bodies. He has the experience of winning first place in the world in his height class at the global bodybuilding contest "Amateur Olympia"

I want to create a gym that has never existed in Japan before.

---- "LÝFT GÝM" started with "LÝFT", a lifestyle apparel brand launched by Edward.

“LÝFT” is a brand I launched in 2018 after entering the fitness industry as a personal trainer at the age of 20. At the time, there weren't many fitness brands in Japan, but it was a time when trainers and models overseas were creating their own apparel.

From the beginning of my apparel business, I had the idea of creating a fitness gym around this brand.

---- Then, in May 2023, my long-cherished wish came true and I opened "LÝFT GÝM". What kind of fitness gym are you aiming for?

The ideal is a space that increases motivation. At gyms in Japan, many people train stoically, but gyms overseas are bright and lively with music playing all the time. It is a space where people who train can enjoy communication and develop their mental and physical health. When I go to gyms overseas, I get a lot of inspiration and get really motivated. I wanted to create a place like that in Japan as well.

---- Why did you choose OMOTESANDO HILLS as a location?

アパレルから始まったブランドなので、ファッションの象徴である表参道にフラグシップをつくりたかったからです。ただ、すばらしい立地であるために難しい面も多く、知り合いの経営者たちにも「チャレンジングだね」と言われました。リーズナブルなジムが増えているなかでLÝFT GÝMに通っていただくために、会員様に対してできることを、考え抜かなければならなかったんです。結果的には、この場所を選んでくださった方に対して「それに見合う"付加価値"を提供する」という発想に振り切ったため、良いジムが完成したと思っています。

A place where everyone can move their bodies comfortably

---- Please tell us about the added value and commitment that is unique to LÝFT GÝM.

First of all, the interior design has been carefully selected without compromise, in order to "compete with OMOTESANDO HILLS, a place with strong brand power." Using gray and stainless steel as the main colors, we aim to create a space that is bright and full of energy even though it is underground. Another key point is the intriguing entrance that makes you think of a futuristic spaceship.

"Machines" are carefully selected from all over the world, only those that I have tried and liked. In order to keep costs down, typical gyms often order all of their machines from one manufacturer, but LÝFT GÝM is unique in that they order high-quality machines from a variety of manufacturers. In addition, we have prepared machines that are divided into parts that can be trained. Even though we say ``abs'' in a nutshell, they are actually divided into ``upper, middle, lower, and side muscles.'' To train all of them, you need to change the angle and movement, so you need a machine for each. There are many types of equipment, but no two machines work the same way.

And “people”. Training is basically hard, so you need energy and stimulation to keep going. We hope that communication with LÝFT GÝM staff will motivate our members. Even if you have a hard time going to the gym, I want you to think, ``But I'd rather go see that staff member.'' That's why we are particular about hiring staff who are bright, energetic, and good at communicating during interviews, and we encourage our team members to actively talk to members on a daily basis.

---- By the way, can beginners and women use the machine?

Using a machine is actually recommended for beginners and women because it's easier to move with correct form and the training is more effective. Since you're going to the gym, I'd like you to try out equipment you've never seen before. There is an orientation session when you join, and even if you don't know what to use after that, the staff is always available to help.

---- Another appeal is that you can drink a variety of protein smoothies at the attached bar.

When I lived in England, I happened to walk into a cafe that looked healthy, and it turned out to be a gym. Going to a gym for training can be a bit of a hurdle, but if it's a cafe, you can easily come. In fact, more than half of the bar's sales come from non-members. If you can casually enjoy a healthy smoothie and strike up a conversation with the staff, you might be inspired to try some exercise.

You can lift yourself up by being inspired.

---- Location in Omotesando, sophisticated appearance. What do you think about the "high threshold"?


---- Lastly, please tell us your future goals.

First of all, we would like to focus more and more on LÝFT apparel so that our customers can get to know us. Gyms that started out as apparel businesses are a rare type of business in the world. I think this is a concept that will resonate with people overseas, so I aim to use my experience at OMOTESANDO HILLS to expand LÝFT GÝM both domestically and internationally. My life has become richer through training. I would be happy if everyone could experience this happiness as well.

  • Composition = Sakura Sugawara
  • Photographed by Masaki Fujimura
  • Edited by Takeshi Koh






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